So this week has been a bit hot. We don't deal with 'extreme' weather that well over here, do we? A bit of snow grinds the transport networks to a halt and causes pipes to freeze; an extra shiny sun prompts such headlines as 'Killer heat blasts Britain' and talk of melting train tracks. Are we predestined to enjoy only mediocre weather? I loved Tuesday, the beautiful blue, cloudless skies and warm evening took me to holiday shores, but Wednesday was a little less pleasant. 32 degrees in my kitchen ain't nice. Hot hot weather always seems different here, probably because you still have to work in front of a computer all day, cook the dinner, get stuck in traffic and navigate through normal life; there's no cool respite in a shimmering pool or ice cold beer to accompany your sun-lounger reading. But it's better than rain, right?


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